November 19, 2012

Are iPads A Patient Threat In the ACO-PCMH Model? by Jim Bloedau of Information Advantage Group

Which tablet device is you organization most likely to adopt: Microsoft Surface, iPad Mini or the leading answer being NEITHER  thus far?   This poll and others that claim at least 62% of physicians adopting the iPad and half of them reporting use it at the point of care forget about IP 65 and IEC 60601 which deal with infection control and electrical safety of equipment used in the clinical setting.  Shouldn’t, What about the patient’s safety?  be the more appropriate question?

A QuantiaMD study released in 2011 showed that most physicians purchased  their mobile device personally or for their private practice, however, some 18% received them from hospitals and other health care institutions that they worked for.

The iPad is not IP 65 0r IEC  60601 certified, so how does the professional clinician protect the patient from their mobile devices?  What policies should the institutions have? Do you think that this is a more immediate discussion than how the FCC will regulate medical apps on mobile tech? What about the visiting nurse and the ACO-PCMH home care market?

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