Our Client's Comments

“Jim has a good comprehensive view of the healthcare market and is able to synthesize not only trends in care but weave in legislation and politics to help inform strategy. He does a super thorough job -- capturing in great detail the key issues and really helping me better think through our direction.” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Bill Reid, VP Product Development and Chief Security Officer, Numera, Seattle, Washington. Previously Director of Health Solutions Group for Microsoft, led development of Microsoft HealthVault and Amalga

“Jim is the rare guy you run into who really isn't faking it - he knows exactly what he's talking about, does his research, takes your own situation in mind, and the output is that rarest of commodities in business today - good advice that gets you ahead. Thanks for the help Jim, I learn something every time we talk (which I wish could be more often).”  

Tony Titus, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Numera, Seattle, Washington.  Previously Vice President, Marketing, Customer Care and Services at Cardiac Science Corporation

“IAG associates are subject matter experts in Healthcare. Jim Bloedau (founder) is well connected and well respected in the industry. He was a great help in educating me and my company on a very complicated industry. He was instrumental in helping plan our successful entry into this market. I spent a lot of time with Jim during those early days. I would strongly recommend him and his services to anyone interested in learning more about Healthcare.” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Jeff Beamsley, Director of Healthcare, Covisint, Detroit, Michigan.  Previously and basis for recommendation Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hilgraeve

“I highly recommend Jim Bloedau as someone who understands the healthcare industry and the intricacies of transaction processing.  Jim was invaluable in helping to pull together a business plan for several new service (Pacific Bell now AT&T) offerings (HIE, EDI transactions, telemedicine, vendor recruitment, provider roll out).  I have worked with Jim on a number of projects and he has always been a pleasure to work with.”  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Ann Geyer MBA, JD,  Chief Privacy, Risk, and Compliance Officer, University of California, Berkeley. Previously and basis for recommendation Director of Healthcare Mrket Group for Pacific Bell and led development of California Health Information Network (HIE)

"IAG has provided VHA over many years with market research on various service industries, especially IT related markets. We can always count on his work." Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time.

Bill Kopitke, Director, Bus.Dev.VHA Inc.Irving, Texas

"Incredible insights and stats..."

Paul Sonnier, Founder Digital Health group on LinkedIn, Head of Digital Health Strategy at Popper and Company, Mentor for Blueprint Health, Co-chair of Healthcare Communications SIG at CommNexus

“Jim is a highly responsive and trustworthy executive with a drive to please customers – his work gave us a competitive advantage. Highly recommended." Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time

Mari Tietz RN, PhD, Director of Nursing Research and Informatics, Dallas/Fort Worth Hospital CouncilDallas, Texas. Former: (basis for recommendation) Center For Research Innovation, VHA Inc., Dallas, Texas

“It isn't often you get the opportunity to really become a team player with a client's other consultants. Jim’s insight into healthcare’s workings and opportunities made our architecting efforts of Pacific Bell’s (AT&T) Health Information Network nothing short of exciting. Jim has remained a pleasure to know and work with and he remains deeply committed to delivering highly successful efforts for his client’s. I highly recommend Jim!”

Roger Loeb, Owner, The MarTech Group, Denver, Colorado

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