December 13, 2016

The Knife and Fork of Precision-Personalized Medicine

The best medicine is delivered by the most meaningful conversations and these have always been created by having the best insights that modern analytics can provide. If you adopt this as a philosophy rather than a standards-based interaction between computer systems then we change our thinking about what a meaningful and useful conversation is. On the technical side, we start to find ways to compress the time it takes and even eliminate much of the unneeded conversation through the interaction of machines that are learning when we are not. On the people side, the resulting value becomes more meaningful by focusing patient’s and provider’s energies on optimizing wellness in the most economical way through a streamlined yet more precise and personalized engagement. Changing the geometry of our conversations to intervene earlier to produce wellness rather than just treating an episode of disease is at the core of most precision medicine and engagement strategies evolving today. 

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