July 28, 2011

ACO, HIE, Medical Home - Healthcare's Cattle Needs Tending by Jim Bloedau of Information Advantage Group

In today's post, Brian Dolan over at MobiHealthNews, started to take issue with his contributing editor, Neil Versel, who stirred things up last week with an article, “Silicon Valley often misses the point of healthcare.” All comments fell in line with some obvious frustration and wisdom on Neil's part about how Silicon Valley often is "all hat and no cattle" when it comes to clear thinking about healthcare and how tech can best serve it. 

With healthcare trying to balance
physician consolidation, ICD 10, EHR implementations, Meaningful Use, Health Information Exchanges and now Accountable Care Organization/Medical Home infrastructure on the provider side and Medical Loss Ratio, the 80% rule, employers dropping coverage and health exchanges on the payer side, wouldn't it be wise to really think clearly about how "new and cool" tech has a better fit to these problems?

It is very scary times for both providers and payers and either you are part of a solution to these big and immediate problems or...part of a solution that might be interesting to them after they take care of those immediate needs.

PS: Thanks Brian for giving me a bit of ink. 
“The most helpful comment came from Jim: Neil, thanks for a historically correct and sober perspective about how hype cycles and technology can seduce the well intentioned developer. Go easy on them, they are where innovation comes from and healthcare needs it. Conversely, go hard on them for not seeking experienced council from history and people who have actually been involved in patient care and have seen a market cycle or two. Keep pushing the mantra “easy-to-use technologies that simplify the lives of the old and sick,” adding, “...and the lives of those who care for them.” Keep hoping for products that help both the sick and well to get more connected with their health — we can’t depend on someone else doing it for us, which is what most of “old healthcare” is predicated on. Fight the good fight.”
image credit: Wesley Fryer

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