December 9, 2009

Meaningful Use - No Partial Credit For Those Not So Lucky

A call for comment on what "meaningful use" should mean is most appropriate and hopefully will be a real “stimulus” for the industry to act and set reasonable objectives for success. As it stands now, the legislation is expansive in what it means to do and restrictive, if not self-defeating, when looking at the physician and hospital objectives of meaningful use – no partial credit here.

This all-or-nothing strategy does not take into account the fractional structure of healthcare and that it is a community based business. Each community of providers is on a different part of the HITECH readiness curve. This difference penetrates past rural verses urban providers all the way down to the departmental and practitioner level for each group. Setting the bar high is good for those close to the bar, but what about those who have farther to jump?

Image Credit: alonso inostrosa

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